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Trump Turns to Familiar Playbook in Effort to Undermine Inquiry...

META Reveals TWITTER Competitor Planned as Stand-Alone App...

'Platform that is sanely run'...


Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: ANOTHER LEAK: Washington DC Grand Jury to Indict Trump on Espionage Act, Obstruction Charges

BREAKING: Trump Says He Has Been Indicted By Biden’s DOJ — Will Be Arraigned Tuesday in Miami!

Reporter Asks Joe Biden About “Evidence in an FBI File” Showing He “Sold Out the Country” – Biden Blurts Out Damning Response! (VIDEO)

DeSantis Condemns Trump Indictment — and Uses it to Campaign For Himself

The Leftist Knives Are Already Coming Out for Potential Democrat Spoiler Cornel West


…DJT: ’I Am An Innocent Man!’…

…Same Day Hunter Busted…

…Trump Attorney Slams: ‘They Picked the Wrong Guy’…

…Republicans Sound Off…

Daily Caller:


Trump Says He's Been Indicted In Truth Social Post

Tucker Carlson Warns Americans To 'Cling' To 'Taboos' To Fight Back Against 'People In Charge'

'Principles Over Politics': Vivek Ramaswamy Reacts To Indictment, Pledges 'To Pardon Trump Promptly'

The Left's Mass Deception About Gender Is Completely Failing, Major New Study Reveals

Zero Hedge:

Why Premium?

Trump: "I Have Been Indicted"

Tucker Talks Taboos After MSM Ignores Instagram Kiddie-Porn Bombshell

Assange Perilously Close To Extradition After High Court Denies Right To Appeal

Pence's Inaugural Foreign Policy Of Campaign: 'F-16s For Ukraine Now'

Info Wars:

Trump: “I Have Been Indicted”

Las Vegas Police Capture Light Falling From Sky On Dashcam Before Family Claims ’10-Foot Tall Creatures’ Seen In Backyard

Video: Trump Supporter Confronts Deranged Liberal Who ‘Warned’ Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru Staff About Him

Watch: South Dakota Farmer Fights Eminent Domain Lawsuit Over Carbon Capture Pipeline

‘Cling To Your Taboos!’ Tucker on Twitter Ep. 2 Drops


'Dark day': Trump says he's

Transcript of Tucker Carlson's final unaired Fox monologue released

Shocker! Huge increase in number of Americans identifying as conservative

Now Fox accuses Tucker Carlson of breach of contract

FDA finally pulls permission for J&J COVID shots!

Washington Examiner:

'I am an innocent man': Trump rails against 'dark day' for US

FBI informant doc alleges Bidens paid $5M by Burisma: GOP

DeSantis has much to say about Trump indictment

Fate of five House races shift with SCOTUS redistricting decision

New York Times:

A Former U.S. President Faces Federal Charges for the First Time in History

Washington Post:

Trump charged in secret documents case

Democrats, Republicans and fellow presidential candidates react to indictment

Chris Christie’s flip-flop

The East Coast can’t breathe. And more wildfires are coming.

Trump and the classified documents: An indictment unlike any other

USA Today:

Trump indicted for allegedly mishandling classified documents

Trump indicted: What does that mean? Was he arrested? What to know.

Biden dismisses GOP bribery allegations as 'malarkey'

Why Kaley Cuoco is 'past' sex scenes: 'I'm not doing that anymore'

Chris Christie talks weight struggle after Trump attack

Wall Street Journal:

Donald Trump Indicted in Classified Documents Case

S&P Enters Bull Market as Big Tech Lifts Indexes

Cuba to Host Secret China Spy Base Focusing on U.S.

Ukraine Targets Russian Lines as Counteroffensive Gathers Pace

Supreme Court Blocks GOP-Drawn Alabama Voting Map


Former president issues fiery response to Biden DOJ indictment

Former President Trump indicted by Biden Justice Department

Trump allies link ex-president's indictment to FBI's Biden document

Texas to deploy inflatable border along Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass

Garth Brooks makes his new bar's stance on Bud Light crystal clear


DOJ investigating conservative-backed efforts in Wyoming to infiltrate DNC ahead of 2020 election, sources say

Donald Trump indicted on 7 counts in classified documents probe

Who is Jack Smith, the special counsel behind the Trump classified documents indictment?

ASEAN to hold first joint military exercise in the South China Sea

MAP: Track the air quality across the US


Supreme Court issues shocking decision protecting voting rights in Alabama

Texas and California officials are right to call out Ron DeSantis

Sen. Obama knew Pat Robertson was poisonous to the U.S.


Millions of Americans warned to stay inside as wildfire smoke blankets eastern states

Biden, British Prime Minister Sunak express continued support for Ukraine

Supreme Court rules Alabama’s congressional map discriminates against Black voters

How did the ocean form? 4 things to know about its past and present

The cultural and political legacy of Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson

BBC World:

Donald Trump faces seven charges over secret files

Children stabbed in French park in stable condition

Ukrainian attacks continue in key southern region

El Niño planet-warming weather phase has begun

Chinese censors take aim at AirDrop and Bluetooth


Daily Mail:

Trump indicted on SEVEN charges including violation of the ESPIONAGE ACT over classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago: Angrily proclaims his innocence ahead of Miami courthouse appearance next Tuesday

'Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?' Ron DeSantis slams historic decision to indict ex-president - but DOESN'T say whether he'd pardon his 2024 rival

Three quarters of Princeton students say its acceptable to shout down campus speakers they disagree with - while 16% agree with using VIOLENCE to stop a speech, after conservative judge was ambushed by Stanford Law students and dean

PICTURED: Pregnant fiancée of ER doctor and crypto millionaire discovered dead in Arkansas lake - as eerie images show stethoscope dangling from car mirror

Liberal TikToker goes viral after complaining that the only masculine and chivalrous men she can find are conservative


Trump indicted over alleged retention of documents at Mar-a-Lago

Intense fighting reported as forces go on attack south of Zaporizhzhia

Air pollution in US from smoke is worst in recent recorded history

Alabama discriminated against Black voters, court rules

US extradition ‘dangerously close’ after losing latest legal appeal


Trump faces US criminal charges for mishandling documents, obstruction - lawyer

Washington quiets as Canadian smoke blankets U.S. capital

China's factory gate deflation speeds up in May as demand wanes

The Hill:

What 2024 GOP candidates are saying about Trump’s indictment

Republicans rally around Trump amid reported DOJ indictment

Trump indictment: DeSantis blasts ‘weaponization of federal law enforcement’

Democrats call for DHS inspector general to resign over deleted text messages

Democratic lawmakers claim indictment news shows Trump ‘not above the law’


The conservative Supreme Court might have paved the way for Dems to take the House


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